Resume Writing

Are you finding it hard to land a job, our services can provide you a professional Resume, to help you land your all important interview, which will maximise your chances of securing your job.

  • Have you applied for several jobs and had no response?
  • Are you still using one general all-purpose resume?
  • Does your resume read just like a job description?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then your Resume looks just like 99% of your competition. If you want to be noticed and placed at the top of the Resume pile, you need a competitive and targeted resume that STANDS OUT. The content of your resume needs to be relevant and clearly address the requirements of the position.

This is where we can help

Macarthur Temp Services, will give you a resume which has been tested by a world leading global company through their Human Resources Department and was branded a resume of high standard and presentation.

Our resumes are easy to read and straight to the point, which are personally catered to the individual.

Recruiter Newspaper Careers Section

Macarthur Temp Services has a successful newspaper circulating throughout Macarthur District along with Liverpool and Parramatta.

The Recruiter is a business only newspaper, it also has a strong online subscription base.

All resumes written by Macarthur Temp Services will feature in the Recruiter career section for job placements.